Madden NFL 23 Play Like a Pro

New to Madden NFL 23? Start dominating the field today! From our pick of teams with the best playbooks to formations that will give you an unfair advantage, dive into the Madden Academy ‘Play Like a Pro’ video series to learn all the skills you’ll need to dominate the competition.

Getting started

Learn the basics of Madden NFL 23 and hone your on-field skills with this easy-to-follow introduction to Madden 23. Deep dive into fundamentals, beginner basics, and game modes to quick snap your way to early domination.


Master the art of catching, running, passing, and kicking the ball. From spins and pump fakes, to effectively punting the ball; dominate the gridiron with this in-depth course for an unstoppable offensive game. Plus, learn about offensive X-Factor abilities and command the field.


Master the most important defense abilities to dominate the competition in Madden 23. In these easy-to-follow videos you’ll learn the ins and outs of special defensive formations, how to stop running, and how to block passing as well as how to activate X-factor abilities to take your game to the next level.


Use your special teams with direction and power. Master kickoffs and field goals and learn trick plays and punting in detail to keep your opponents on their heels. Always remember, small points win big games.